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SuperAccess is a smart, versatile and multi-purpose modular product preassembled ‘off-site’ offering a variety of specialised site and public access solutions. SuperAccess greatly reduces the risk of fall, improves safety and increases productivity, whilst reducing cost and time.


SUPERACCESS™ has an extensive range of modular access and services to cater to the rail and construction industries. Our modular system can be used to facilitate:

  • Temporary Access Bridges: Looking for public access bridges/walkways? Or site access for workers? Our system offers ready-to-lift modular bridge and stair units  delivered directly to your site and able to be quickly positioned in their final location. 
  • Perimeter Access: Our smart boxes can be custom made to any size, height, and length, offering safer, smarter, and faster perimeter access to your site. Our perimeter access solution eliminates the risk of worker and equipment falls, while increasing safety and productivity.
  • Modular Ramps: Temporary ramps provide safe and efficient public access to any public area or jobsite. Easily assembled, reconfigured, and disassembled, our temporary ramps offer a quick, secure way to transport workers, pedestrians, and machinery across any distance.
  • Modular Stairs: Easy to assemble and low weight, our modular stairs are able to be used both inside and outside of residential, office, industrial buildings and infrastructure projects.

With decades of experience in the commercial hire industry, SuperAccess™ is known for its high-quality construction hire services for multiple industry sectors. Along with our extensive range, we provide affordable access to other construction equipment. We have refined our products and services over time to ensure quality and consistency. We combine great products with friendly customer support and strict safety policies to meet the demands of the Australian construction sector.



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