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Yello Equipment™ was established in 2020 as a heavy equipment distributor, reaching the global market across both Australia and The United States.

With a defining commitment to sell reliable, affordable, and highly efficient earthmoving and heavy machinery, YELLO Equipment™ understands the importance of high quality and diverse quantity.

As an authorised dealer of SANY Australia & Maeda Mini Cranes in USA, YELLO Equipment™ provide a range of machinery for the construction, infrastructure, civil works, waste management, agriculture, and mining needs.

The YELLO Equipment™ team are “WITH YOU ALL THE WAY”, by providing continuous support before, during and after your sale. With connections to information, quality customer service and part services, just know you are in trusted hands.

Australia USA


YELLO Equipment™ Australia

Phone: 1300 093 556

83 Parramatta Rd,
Underwood, QLD 4119

1300 093 556

Sydney Metro:
Unit 3, 4 Dupas St,
Smithfield 2164

1300 093 556

Hunter Region:
56 Sandringham Ave,
Thornton, NSW 2322

1300 093 556

YELLO Equipment™ USA

Phone: 409 770 3091

Unit 2,
1900 W Hamilton Pl,
Englewood, CO 80110

409 770 3091

5168 W Eldorado Ln,
Las Vegas, NV 89139

409 770 3091

Nashville, Tennessee
409 770 3091

Southern California
409 770 3091