Preston Group

Combining forces with our experienced Management Team are our group of specialists creating a dynamic and highly capable Advisory Group.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Markus Preston intimately knows every facet of the Preston Group having established, managed and grown each brand to ensure the foundations and values of the Preston name are ingrained from day one.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

David Serg’s steady and unwavering focus on how the Preston Group can best deliver to its customers, staff and stakeholders ensures collaborative and considered actions that keep all brands moving forward. 


Marika Preston is the heart and soul of the Preston Group. Her supportive and nurturing nature is responsible for the healthy and collaborative environment that is fostered throughout the business. A ‘people-first’ mentality is driven by Marika’s caring and empathetic approach to business. All philanthropic partnerships across the Preston Group are championed and managed by Marika as part of a commitment to giving back to the community.


As a thought provoking, organisational change specialist, Jeremy de Constantin brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic guidance to the Preston Advisory Group. His experience and learnings from multiple industry sectors offers a fresh outlook and alternative perspective to assure innovative and forward thinking is demonstrated across all business units.  


Steven Higgins brings clarity & commercial insights to the Preston Group. His constructive and analytical mind guides financial and investment decisions to deliver long term profitability and growth within Australia and the international markets that the Preston Group operates within. Steven is calculated, astute and professional in his dealings and considers how all business movements will benefit the growth plan of the company.