Preston Group


Markus Preston - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

DAVID SERG – Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Markus Preston is a passionate, proud and big picture thinker who leads with enthusiasm and courage. He identifies opportunities that will enhance the Preston Group and actively pursues them with success. Markus intimately knows every facet of the Preston Group having established, managed and grown each brand to ensure the foundations and values of the Preston name are engrained from day one.  With an ability to act quickly in the short term whilst also planning for the long term, Markus Preston is a leader in the Industrial Services sector both locally in Australia and internationally.

Calm, measured and focused, David Serg brings to the Preston Group extensive experience in the constitution of new businesses, brands and developing high performing teams. David has a unique ability to blend both creative thinking and new ideas with a systematic, operational and rational approach to eliminate errors. David’s steady and unwavering focus on how the Preston Group can best deliver to its customers, staff and stakeholders ensures collaborative and considered actions that keep all brands moving forward.